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Petr Novak & Care for teaware

Petr Novak's Rusty Chabu

Petr Novak's Rusty Chabu

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Boom! Here's a surprise for you. Out of left field, famed Czech potter Petr Novak took notice of my natural dye experiments and, feeling inspired, decided to go rogue and dye his own collection of chabu. And let me tell you, they turned out fire! These pieces are just as bold and captivating as his iconic teaware, but with a practical and playful edge that's hard to resist. It's no surprise that he's always busy creating pieces that leave us tea aficionados absolutely smitten.

These chabu are dyed using the magical powers of plant dyeing and rust printing. The result? Expressive and bold patterns, a testament to the endless possibilities of plant dyeing and rust printing. Only 5 of them were made, each one unique, they seem to embody the fleeting beauty of nature itself.


50% Cotton, 50% Linen, 100% Creative Juice.

Size 57 x 15 in // 145 x 38 cm.


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