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Momento Material



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Agar is the pinnacle in the world of fragrances, a true gem. It is a unique phenomenon that is beyond comparison, always standing out for its uniqueness.

Refined and graceful, Agarwood Thailand offers a subtle and refined fragrance that penetrates every cell, enveloping the entire body with energy. It is an ideal choice for tea ceremonies, meditation, and daily practice, creating a deep atmosphere in the home. It represents true magic, perhaps the most mystical and delicious fragrance that existed.

Processing in the ancient tradition reveals the incredible beauty of agar, creating a delicious fragrance that, like a wave, washes over every cell of the body. The energy of this fragrance is both powerful and delicate, enveloping the space in a magical atmosphere.

• Origins: Sa Kaeo, Thailand.
• Weight: 6g per pack
• Number of sticks per pack: ±50
• Length of one stick: 13 cm
• Diameter of the stick: 1.2 mm
• Burning time per stick: ±18 min
• Burning time per tube: ±15 hours

Momento Material is a small artisan incense producer located in Bali. Every piece of their incense is handcrafted using the highest quality materials. This delicate process demands attention to detail and artistic skill, as each ingredient is thoughtfully processed to maintain its distinct fragrance and unparalleled quality that cannot be achieved through mass production.  Organic, handmade, free from chemicals, oils, and bamboo bases.

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