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Brooklyn Chabu

Brooklyn Chabu

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Introducing the latest creation, inspired by the tea lovers of Brooklyn! During a recent trip to New York, I had the pleasure of meeting Erika Houle and Gordon Arkenberg, two wonderful tea enthusiasts with a beautiful tea space in Brooklyn. As we enjoyed our tea, I couldn't help but notice the stunning linen curtains that Erika had handcrafted for the room. Erika generously gave me a few meters of leftover linen, which I brought back home to Europe and dyed in colors that remind me of the vibrancy of Brooklyn.

I made a set - a wider chabu is dyed with tea and goes perfectly with a ribbon that has been dyed several times. For the first time, dyeing with plants shifted the color to a cold, light gray shade. The second iron staining added red asymmetrical stripes in the center of the ribbon, where the teapot would be placed. Brooklyn brick walls and big glass windows reflected in my mind as I observed the brown, cold grey, and rusty red colors of these chabu, reminding me of the city's vibrant energy.

I had only a few meters of this delicate, almost transparent linen, so these chabu are unique, and only a handful of copies in existence. You can opt for the full set of two or a single ribbon.

With Erika's request, a portion of the income generated from the sale of these Brooklyn Chabu will go towards supporting Tea Arts & Culture, a non-profit organization co-founded by TingThe organization is doing amazing community work from serving tea to elders at a retirement home to offering free mentorships and events at communities gardens. Even serving tea to people in food distribution lines in the freezing cold. By purchasing one of these unique and beautiful Chabu, you are not only adding a touch of Brooklyn to your tea space but also contributing towards a great cause.



Size: Tea dyed: 57 x 13.4 in // 145 x 34 cm.

Light Ribbon: 57 x 7.5 in // 145 x 19 cm.


p.s. I can't help but mention that Erika Houle also created a touching and inspiring film about the cleaning routine in the Global Tea Hut in Taiwan. This beautiful piece is a must-watch for any tea lover, and I hope that someday all chajins in the world will have the joy of experiencing it.

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