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Care for teaware

Fuji Travel Bag

Fuji Travel Bag

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Your new travel buddy: the ideal pouch for taking your favorite tea vessels with you. It takes a minimum space while maximizing capacity and extra protection. Look at these padded sides and pockets!

Teaware bag for traveling with your favorite teapot, bowls, cups, scoops, or anything else you need outdoors. Have many layers of soft gasket inside for better protection of teaware.

It is perfect for a medium size teapot and a few cups/bowls. It has 4 soft pockets for cups and place in the center - for a teapot or you can put a gaiwan there.


Size approximately 19 x 19 x 21 cm.

Cotton, 3 types of filling.

This bag will help you bring your teaware anywhere you want to. At we have lovely bags that hug your teapot and cups in the most gentle way and at the same time protect it from sudden impacts.

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