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Handwoven Linen Chabu

Handwoven Linen Chabu

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The biggest joy of a tea lover is to repurpose things and give them a second life by using them in their tea space. The chajin that appreciate wild aged tea will enjoy this chabu that links us back to the 1900s. This is a rare find of handwoven linen cloth that originates from Europe. It is an admirable burlap fabric, with somewhat irregularly hand-spun threads and very pronounced texture with thicker weft threads, handwoven more than 100 years ago. Genuinely handmade and organic with occasional spots of blades of grass, pieces of leaves, and straw woven in.

This fabric is found and naturally dyed by our tea friend @YuliaTeaHut. She used old-school traditional methods to clean it and prepare it for dyeing with natural colors. Colors and patterns are created with dian hong leaves and rust that has been left in touch with the fabric over time to develop fascinating imprints. Like there are no two tea leaves alike, there are not two strands of grass that are the same by looking at this chabu one can take hours to admire it. 

One side has more intense colors and patterns, another more watercolour-like. They are colorfast but may gently fade with time and exposure to sunlight. 

These are hand-crafted pieces and no two look alike but they were created at the same time and space and very close to each other.

Size 29.5 x 13.8 in // 75 x 35 cm.


Care instructions: To keep the memories of your tea sessions and appreciate the aging of your chabu, avoid washing it. But if you must, hand wash it in lukewarm water with a gentle soap and flat dry. Iron on medium heat with steam.

Pro tip: Iron your chabu before the tea ceremony to eliminate wrinkles and folds, and make your tea space look impeccable.

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