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Care for teaware



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This cotton fabric is made by female artisans from the Miao indigenous community. They work in small remote villages in the province of Guizhou and Guangxi. I met an artisan from the Miao community living in Paris and bought several pieces of fabric from her. These pieces are hand-woven and hand-dyed, making them a stunning addition to the tea scene. 

 Each time I discover handmade fabrics by indigenous women, it is a source of fascination and rediscovery. No meter of fabric is exactly the same, even if the weaving and dyeing technique has remained the same for centuries.⁠ Each fabric is infused with the energy of the artisan, her character, the emotions that run through her, her experiences… ⁠

The handmade cotton fabrics of the Miao indigenous people dyed with indigo leaves can gradually change color, with the interactions with the sun and light. Indeed, no chemicals are used during the dyeing process. It also means that the bright blue color may start to be transferred to the table or other fabrics under the influence of boiling water from your kettle, so please do not leave the fabric wet after the tea session on the table (you don't do it anyway, of course). This is a very special fabric that requires careful and delicate use.


Size: 45.3 x 14.6 in // 115 x 37 cm.

100% handwoven cotton.

Side A and B as on photos.

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