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Momento Material

Old Sandalwood

Old Sandalwood

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This incense fills your home with warm and creamy peace. A representation of the beautiful classic Santalum album from the island of Timor: fabulous, deep, stunningly soothing, golden creamy, fresh, and natural. The beautiful and soft scent never gets boring. Soothe the mind. Soft and relaxing depth.

Made from carefully selected 30-year-old materials and processed using traditional methods, these incense sticks embody the finest sandalwood essence. Each breath brings you closer to inner peace, making every moment with our Old Sandalwood Incense Sticks a truly amazing journey.

Origin: 30+ years old sandalwood sinking, Timor, Indonesia
• Weight: 6g per pack
• Number of sticks per pack: ±30-35
• Length of one stick: 13 cm
• Stick Diameter: 1.8 mm
• Burning time per stick: ±22 min
• Burning time per tube: ±14 hours


Momento Material is a small artisan incense producer located in Bali. Every piece of their incense is handcrafted using the highest quality materials. This delicate process demands attention to detail and artistic skill, as each ingredient is thoughtfully processed to maintain its distinct fragrance and unparalleled quality that cannot be achieved through mass production.  Organic, handmade, free from chemicals, oils, and bamboo bases.


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