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Momento Material

Sichuan Thuja

Sichuan Thuja

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Crisp, cool, piney, subtly balsamic and delightfully tart scent of Tai Hang Mountain Tree, derived from naturally fallen wild trees in China. Clean, soft, powerful and uplifting. This fragrance is renowned for its restorative properties and enchanting scent.

Created from exceptionally oily Sichuan Thuja wood from the Tai Hang Mountains, these incense sticks are hand-crushed to fine particles of less than 180 microns to ensure smooth sticks with minimal binders. Each breath invites a wave of sweet, invigorating freshness to pass through your body, guiding you toward tranquility and inner balance.


• Origins: Tai Hang Mountain, China.
• Weight: 6g per pack
• Number of sticks per pack: ±40
• Length of one stick: 13 cm
• Diameter of the stick: 1.8 mm
• Burning time per stick: ±17 min
• Burning time per tube: ±11 hours


Momento Material is a small artisan incense producer located in Bali. Every piece of their incense is handcrafted using the highest quality materials. This delicate process demands attention to detail and artistic skill, as each ingredient is thoughtfully processed to maintain its distinct fragrance and unparalleled quality that cannot be achieved through mass production.  Organic, handmade, free from chemicals, oils, and bamboo bases.

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