Travel-with-tea guide: how to enjoy tea anywhere

Travel-with-tea guide: how to enjoy tea anywhere

Travelling with tea is not that difficult at all. With a bit of planning and choosing the right teas and utensils, you will be able to enjoy your favourite tea no matter where you go.

1️⃣ Prepare your own teas

You can use small bags or reuse tiny metal jars, like those that come with GlobalTeaHut magazine.

2️⃣ Bring thermos

Sometimes you may not have access to a kettle, so you can carry your hot water with you outdoors. Thermos bottles are great at preserving the temperature and can keep your water hot for many hours.

3️⃣ Get a travelling tea kit

You could get a small gongfu travelling set: a teapot with a few cups. Also the minimum, but the sufficient choice is just a bowl - you can always have leaves in the bowl. Pack teaware carefully. Always protect tea ware with extra wrap while travelling. Some people use bubble wrap, but I try to avoid plastic and that's why I created these cool carrier bags.

4️⃣ Don’t take too much

When you really love tea, you may feel like taking only a few teas won’t be enough. However, it’s likely you won’t be drinking as much tea as at home. Bring enough tea to share, but not all of your collection :)

5️⃣ Choose the right tea

Some types of tea may be more suitable for travelling. Loose-leaf teas, and ball-shaped oolongs are great for leaves in the bowl. Pressed tea is more convenient to take on a trip if you have a teapot with you. Avoid delicate teas if you don’t have access to spring water. Unknown water might ruin all the flavour, aromas and depth.

6️⃣ Carry tea in hand luggage

If you are travelling by plane, always put your tea into hand luggage or the leaves may get crushed and broken. Besides, by carrying them in hand luggage they will never get lost.
*️⃣ What else would you add, my dear tea travellers?
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