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Adder Stone Incense Holder

Adder Stone Incense Holder

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This adder stone has been crafted into an incense holder from fine porcelain and glazed in various colors. Each one is shaped by hand, polished, and smoothed to resemble the effects of the sea over the years. These incense holders offer pure functionality and provide a sturdy base for your favorite incense sticks.

An adder stone is a small stone with a hole of natural origin, run by water, river or sea. In Britain, they are also known as hag stones, witch stones, or serpent's eggs. In Germany, they are called Hühnergötter, which translates to "chicken gods." In Egypt, they are referred to as aggri. Stones of this shape were believed to protect animals and dwellings from evil forces, making the adder stone an apotrope, or amulet. 

1,6 x 0,8 in // 4 x 2,8 cm

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