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Red Tea Dyed Ribbon

Red Tea Dyed Ribbon

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I've always liked the idea that chabu is like a canvas for our tea stories and every drop, every tea gathering leaves a trace. We draw our own story and everyone has it a little different - someone likes matcha, and someone likes dark saturated shou puerhs. Someone is neat and they hasn't spilled a drop, and someone has the whole chabu abundantly showered with tea. Due to the handmade nature of the process, every chabu in this collection is distinctive. Although they were dyed in the same batch, each piece carries its own individuality and captures the essence of the tea-dyeing process. Over time, you will decorate and complement this tea story with your own marks. And of course, this natural way and low-impact dyes are combined with environmentally friendly fibers such as linen and cotton to create sustainable and eco-friendly chabu.

 Size 24 x 7.9 in // 62 x 20 cm.

Care instructions: To keep the memories of your tea sessions and appreciate the aging of your chabu, avoid washing it. But if you must, hand wash it in lukewarm water with a gentle soap and flat dry. Iron on medium heat with steam.

Pro tip: Iron your chabu before the tea ceremony to eliminate wrinkles and folds, and make your tea space look amazing.

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