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Prayer Incense Holder

Prayer Incense Holder

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This ceramic incense holder is hand-crafted to bring joy to your eyes as well as your nose. The set includes a hands and a stand with a small ash bowl. 

To use the incense holder, simply place your lit incense on the base plate standing and cover it with the hands. Smoke will flow through the fingers. As the incense burns, it is normal for the inside of the holder to become discolored due to the smoke.

If you're considering using these as incense burners for the altar, I recommend getting two. They look amazingly symmetrical on both sides of the statue or flowers.


ø 4.7 in stand; 12.2 in height  // ø 12 cm stand; 31 cm height


The incense should be placed standing inside the hands. The set does not include a stand for sticking an incense stick, as these are typically included in all boxes of incense. If you don't have one, you can get a mooncake. The incense I offer in this collection includes a stand with a hole for the stick, located in the cork lid.

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