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Care for teaware

Marble Jian Shui

Marble Jian Shui

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Jian Shui (waste water bowl) collects the water used to rinse and shower teaware. Made for daily solo sits or with a group of friends, it can hold about 37 oz / 1.1 l. Not perfectly round, a bit oval as it was blessed by fire in the kiln. Covered in shiny transparent glaze inside and outside.

The marble effect was created by swirling together a few colors of clay. Each piece bears the imprint of human hands, yet the results are always unexpected and uncontrollable. No two pieces in this collection are alike, and none can be replicated exactly.


ø 5.9 in, height 2.8 in, 37 oz

ø 15 cm x height 7.5 cm, 1100 ml


Made to match our Marble Tea Boats and Scoops.

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