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Petr Novak & Care for teaware

2 Woodfired Bowls In A Bag

2 Woodfired Bowls In A Bag

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Beautiful bowls handmade by one of our favorite tea potters of the Czech Republic Petr Novak already packed in the ideal pouch for traveling with your favorite tea and teaware.

Woodfired Bowls

Stoneware wood-fired to 1350 C. Bowls are glazed with white glaze, with gentle white underglaze patterns over the coarse, natural cracking of the glaze creating magical and unique patterns on each bowl. Each one is unique as they are handmade. 

Bowls ø 12 cm x height 6.3 cm, 250-300 ml / ø 4,7 in, height 2.5 in, 8.5-10 oz


The bag is perfect for one or two bowls. Have 3 layers of soft gasket inside for better protection of teaware.

Size of the bag approximately 15 x 15 x 7 cm / 6 x 6 x 3 in

Linen, 3 types of filling, recycled cotton string.

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