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Green Tea Dyed Antique Chabu

Green Tea Dyed Antique Chabu

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This chabu that links us back to the 1900s. Fabric is a rare find of handwoven linen cloth that originates from Germany. It is an admirable burlap linen, very firm, with somewhat irregularly hand-spun threads and very pronounced texture with thicker weft threads, handwoven more than 100 years ago. Genuinely handmade and organic with occasional spots of blades of grass, pieces of leaves and straw woven in. Colours and patterns are created with green tea leaves and rust that has been left in touch with the fabric over time to develop fascinating imprints.


These are hand-crafted pieces and no two look alike but they were created at the same time and space and very close to each other. Naturally dyed fabrics are colourfast, they may gently fade with time and exposure to sunlight. If needed it can be hand-washed and ironed with cotton settings.


Size 35 x 11.4 in // 90 x 29 cm

Made by our tea friend in France.

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