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Tea Dyed Chabu

Tea Dyed Chabu

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I've always liked the idea that chabu is like a canvas for our own tea stories and every drop, every tea gathering leaves a trace. We draw our own story and everyone has it a little different - someone likes matcha, and someone likes dark saturated shou puerhs. Someone is neat and he or she hasn't spilled a drop, and someone has the whole chabu abundantly showered with tea.

Therefore, I wanted to make a chabu dyed with tea, and now, after a year of not-very-successful attempts, I finally found my method.
To dye these chabu, I used tea, rainwater, and live fire. Water, fire, wood, and air - the alchemical dance of all elements gave an exquisite and delicate result - a beige shade with slightly more saturated threads here and there. Over time, you will decorate and complement this tea story with your own marks. 

And of course, this natural way and low-impact dyes are combined with environmentally friendly fibers such as linen and cotton to create sustainable and eco-friendly chabu.

Size 57 x 15 in // 145 x 38 cm.

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