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Triin Labi for Care for teaware

Bowl Clovers

Bowl Clovers

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Bowl Clovers are thoughtfully crafted to safeguard tea bowls during your journeys. Each piece is designed by Triin Labi and handmade in Estonia by a local family business. This tiny company is making the felt themselves using old technologies. Linen felt is mainly used as isolation for old log houses and lambswool for sound isolation.

Linen Felt Clover has a greyish colour and is decorated with cute leaf embroidery. It’s densely woven, firm, and flexible. 

Lambswool Clover is soft, fluffy, and elastic. It's naturally dyed with tea therefore, each clover is a slightly different shade of beige-brown. Lambswool is a thicker option than Linen Felt, but not vegan-friendly. (check photos for thickness reference).

Both materials are authentically handmade and environmentally conscious. 

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