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Kinam / Kyara Clouds

Kinam / Kyara Clouds

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Mini-Version of the all-time favorite, absolutely gorgeous incense is perfect for those curious to try it for the first time or as a convenient mini-travel option.

Incense made from high-grade plantation green Kinam / Kyara (a rare variety of Agarwood). Pure Kinam with no additives or flavorings. Elegant, multi-layered, resinous, sweet-woody, fresh kinamic aroma of high-grade oud with hints of vanilla and flowers.

The incense is molded by a multi-ton press without the addition of any binding agents (be careful - incense is very fragile)

Pack of 1.5 grams in a metal jar with a non-flammable mat hidden in the lid, which allows you to incense anywhere, even if you do not have an incense burner.
Quantity: 5 pcs
Burning time: one cloud 25-30 minutes

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