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Jade Travel Bag

Jade Travel Bag

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With my practical mindset and the wild nature of my homeland, I had always crafted bags in dark and utilitarian colors. However, fate brought me in contact with the inspiring tea sister, Jade Brunel, who requested all-white travel bags. Although initially hesitant, a couple of years ago, I finally yielded to her request and created a limited batch of white bags for her WAOtea store. The result was simply breathtaking - these bags resembled ethereal white clouds, captivating the hearts of anyone who saw it.

Now, with renewed enthusiasm, I present a fresh collection of these remarkable white bags. They have been lovingly named after my muse and inspiration, Jade. Her profound book on tea and her conscious approach to human relationship with Nature have deeply resonated with me. The Jade Travel Bags allow tea lovers to embark on their journeys with elegance and delight.


There is a lot of thought into the design of this teaware bag for traveling, with padded sides and pockets to ensure maximum capacity and extra protection for your favorite teapot, bowls or cups, scoop, and other teaware. The soft gasket layers inside provide even better protection. It's perfect for a medium-sized teapot and bowls, with 4 soft pockets for bowls and a central space for a teapot or gaiwan.

This bag is designed to help tea enthusiasts bring their teaware wherever they go, while providing gentle yet effective protection against sudden impacts. It's important to have reliable and convenient options for safely transporting teaware.


Size approximately 19 x 19 x 21 cm.

Cotton, 3 types of filling.

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