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Koi Scroll

Koi Scroll

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The Chinese and Japanese cultures admire and respect koi fish for its strength, determination, and perseverance. Both these cultures have several fascinating legends and myths about this fish. A famous legend associated with koi fish in Chinese culture is the Dragon’s Gate Waterfall legend:

Long ago, a large shoal of koi fish began swimming upstream in China’s Yellow River. Valiantly pushing against the gushing water’s current and flow, they plunged on with strength, perseverance, and determination. Their shimmering scales glittered and sparkled in the sun, and the Yellow River shone.

They soon arrived at a huge waterfall named “Dragon’s Gate” waterfall in Hunan that was too huge a barrier to cross. Unable to swim further, most koi fish gave up and let the current take them back to safe waters. However, some persisted, jumping and climbing up the waterfall, fighting against the rushing tide to complete their journey.

The evil spirits who prowled the area mocked and laughed at their attempts. Cheering and jeering every time they failed, finding amusement at the koi fish’s ordeal.

But the fishes continued for more than a hundred years, getting stronger and stronger with each attempt. And one day, one of the fish swam deep down to the depths. Gathering all the strength and speed, it burst out of the water and swam up the waterfall.

Battered and beaten, it swam on, disregarding the water’s rush, ignoring the evil spirits’ howls and jeers, until one final thrust of its fin landed it on top of the waterfall. The demons were silenced, and the gods were immensely pleased by the koi’s strength and dedication.

As a reward for its success, the gods changed the koi into a great golden dragon, the ultimate symbol of strength and power in Chinese culture. The waterfall was thus named Dragon’s Gate because of this story.


Dimentions: 40 x 17 in // 101 x 43 cm

Materials: Japanese cotton with print. Wood.


Hang it on the wall, admire, and enjoy.
Roll up when not in use and store rolled.

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