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Kurumi Trivet

Kurumi Trivet

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These wooden trivets are versatile additions to your tea practice. They serve multiple purposes, whether it's supporting a hot kettle or elevating a side handle teapot at your chaXi. Additionally, they make excellent stands for vases, incense censers, statues, or crystals.

The quest for the perfect wooden stand took a while, but we've found a gem. Crafted from walnut trees, these trivets are not glued but woven, ensuring their sturdiness and uniqueness. Each piece boasts distinct shades and varying wood color intensities, making it a truly one-of-a-kind addition to your tea setup.

Outer diameter (from edge to edge): 6.6 in / 17 cm.

The teapot and bowls is pictured for scale only, and is not included.

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