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Puerh Dyed Scroll

Puerh Dyed Scroll

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This unique wall scroll is hand-dyed using shou puerh tea, resulting in a deep and enchanting shade of grey that emanates elegance and tranquility. At the heart of the scroll, delicately embroidered in pristine white, is the symbol for "Tea." This embroidery serves as a beautiful homage to the essence of tea culture, symbolizing harmony, mindfulness, and the profound connection between nature and the human.

This wall scroll is not only a visual accent for any space but also a testament to the timeless allure of tea. The natural dyeing process lends each scroll its distinct character, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. Not to mention that only 3 were made and embroidered.

The depth and richness of the grey hue, along with the subtle variations and organic textures, create an exquisite backdrop that elevates the atmosphere of any room.

Hang this naturally dyed wall scroll in your tea room, living space, or studio, and allow its graceful presence to inspire a sense of calm, mindfulness, and appreciation for the beauty of tea. With its blend of artistry, natural dyes, and symbolic embroidery, this wall scroll embodies the essence of tea culture, inviting you to embrace a moment of tranquility and serenity in your everyday life.

Size: 57 x 15.4 in // 144 x 39 cm

Materials: Cotton naturally dyed with shou puerh tea. Wood.


Learn more about the significance behind the 茶 character, which holds a special place in the world of tea. This character was chosen for a limited edition of Global Tea Hut's chabu that we created recently.


Care instructions:

Hang it on the wall, admire, and enjoy.
Roll up when not in use and store rolled.

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