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Vase + Kenzans

Vase + Kenzans

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Ceramic vase for ikebana with two ceramic kenzans included. Kenzans have different hole sizes for different flowers. These ceramic kenzan, also referred to as Japanese flower frogs, are indispensable for those passionate about flower arranging.

While traditionally designed for Japanese ikebana, these kenzan serve as an eco-conscious choice for Western-style flower arrangements, offering a sustainable and reusable alternative to planet-unfriendly floral foam. Crafted from ceramic, they ensure the water in your vase stays pristine, prolonging the life of your blossoms.

Only one was made. It is made from stoneware clay and fired over 1200°C. It is glazed inside and outside, the same as kenzans.



ø body: 7.5-9 in / 19-23 cm (it is oval)

tall: 6.7 in / 17 cm

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