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Round Teapot Holder

Round Teapot Holder

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Simple, classic teapot holder for your teapot with a powdery-white glaze. A versatile piece that serves as both a tea boat and a teapot platform. As a tea boat, it holds and collects any spilled tea or water during the brewing process, keeping your tea table nice and clean.

Alternatively, you can flip the tea boat upside down to transform it into a platform for lifting up your teapot. This allows you to elevate your teapot if needed.

The white surface will absorb some of the color from your tea, which some people enjoy because it gives the teapot holder a "lived-in" feeling.

This Teapot Holder is not a perfect circle, which is part of its natural feel & charm.

Available in 2 sizes: ø 5.7 in and ø 6.9 in // ø 14.5 and ø 17.5 cm

Height 1 in // 2,5 cm


The teapot and bowls featured in the pictures are for scale purposes only and are not included. However, they are available for purchase separately if you wish to complete your tea setup.

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