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Raneta Coolakova

Shadow Moon Vase

Shadow Moon Vase

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Gorgeous ceramic woodfired wall vase, hand-glazed with mesmerizing beauty marks from the flame. Beautiful in itself and especially with flowers. Perfect for elegant branches, live flowers, or dry flowers.

There are a few ways to use it:

  • Several elegant small flowers can be placed in the hole on the top side. For minimalistic compositions. 
  • Flowers and branches can be put in the hole on top of the vase. For more complex and rich compositions.
  • Without flowers, as a wall decor element. The massive stone block emphasizes the lightness of the elements around it. A great addition to any room of the house, but especially to the tea room.

A beautiful complex vase for people with some flower arrangement experience. 


Diameter 7.9 in, depth - 1.2 in.
Diameter 20 cm, depth - 3 cm.

This piece was handmade in a single copy by ceramic artist Raneta Coolakova and fired in a wood kiln by Petr Novak.

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