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Solemn chabu with Japanese roots. One side has Shippo pattern on dark blue, the other is black. Both sides are beautiful and create a magnificent atmosphere. You will enjoy using both sides for your tea ceremony.

Shippo (Seven Treasures)
The Shippo pattern represents the Seven Treasures in Buddhism which include gold, silver, lapis lazuli, crystal, agate, red pearl, and carnelian. In the pattern, these treasures are endless connected circles. In Japanese culture, the circle represents harmony and peace, so this pattern has long been used in temples and shrines. The interconnected circles symbolize the prosperity of loved ones and represent the idea that relationships and connections between people are equal in value to the Seven Treasures. The Shippo pattern has come to symbolize never-ending harmony and peace.


Size 47 x 17 in // 119 x 44 cm.

Side A with Shippo pattern, side B plain black.

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