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Tea Dyed Towel

Tea Dyed Towel

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Tea towels are invisible yet invaluable helpers during a tea ceremony, perfect for absorbing small drops and spills that may occur. They are made from pure, delicate cotton, typically used for baby clothes, and have been pre-dyed with tea. As the towel collects more tea drops, it becomes softer and more absorbent, so there's no need to worry about staining it.

There are two color options for the tea towels:

  • Beige: These towels are dyed with red tea, resulting in a beautiful shade of beige.
  • Grey: These towels are dyed with Shou Puerh tea, creating a lovely grey color.

I used tea, rainwater, and live fire to dye these towels. Water, fire, wood, and air - the alchemical dance of all elements gave an exquisite and delicate result - an uneven shade with slightly more saturated threads here and there.

Dimentions: 10,6 x 9 in // 27 x 23 cm

100% cotton.

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