New Bowl Carrying System

New Bowl Carrying System

Exciting news – we've upgraded our bowl transportation system. Here are the details on three fantastic options we have now:


1. Travel Bag

(Super-Mega-Extra Protective)

Go on your tea adventures with peace of mind. Our stylish and reliable Travel Bag is crafted for ultimate protection. With a sturdy and well-padded construction, this bag ensures your tea bowls stay safe from bumps, cracks, and scratches. However, it's a bit large (21 x 21 x 18 cm), so we heard your calls for a smaller version for those times when you need a bit less protection. 



2. Bowl Carrier

(Light and Space-efficient)

For those times when you desire a lighter and more compact option, our Bowl Carrier is the ideal choice. Designed to carry up to 5 bowls, this bag is perfect for short car trips or strolls to a nearby park. Paired with Bowl Clovers, it provides secure transport without excessive padding. 

Always place one Bowl Clover (or small tea towel) between each bowl to prevent ceramics from accidentally bumping into each other. Bowls can go bottom up or down, depending on your mood. And don't forget to toss a clover or tea towel on the top – no padding up there! 

While demanding more attention during packing, carrying, and unpacking, it's a space-efficient alternative to the Travel Bag.


3. Bag For A Sidehandle Teapot

If you already own our Bag For A Sidehandle Teapot, you already have a versatile carrier for your bowls. This bag is the ancestor of the Bowl Carrier, so you can totally use it for your bowls too. Care for teaware bags are like multitasking things, ready for any tea adventure you throw their way.

Just remember to use a Bowl Clover (or tea towels) between each bowl to prevent any unwanted contact during transport. 

Let us know your thoughts or hit us up with any questions. 

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