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Care for teaware

Bowl Carrier

Bowl Carrier

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This bag is designed for carrying up to 5 bowls, offering a lighter and less padded option compared to our Travel Bag. Ideal for situations where a compact and minimal carrier is preferred, such as short car trips or walks to a nearby park. When you're confident that your teaware will be handled with care, this bag is the perfect choice.

For optimal use, pair it with Bowl Clovers, placing one clover between each bowl to prevent ceramics from touching. If you hear the sound of two ceramic pieces contacting each other, it indicates that a clover or bowl may have shifted, posing a risk of breakage. Bowls can be placed either bottom up or down, depending on your preference. Always ensure to add a clover or tea towel to the top of the stack before closing the bag, as there is no padding on the bag's top.

This bag can accommodate 5 or a maximum of 6 bowls, depending on their size and width. Initially, the bag might feel a bit snug, but the linen will soften with use. While this bag demands more attention and care during packing, carrying, and unpacking, it offers a space-efficient alternative to the more protective Travel Bag.

Bowl Clovers are not included and can be purchased separately.

Bowls in the photos are not included in the price, it's an example of usage.

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